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It is my passion to help people discover the truth of who they are

My Mission

I help people remember the TRUTH of who they really are. 
  I am here to help people Master their Human Experience so they can live a life of Power, Joy and Freedom.
  My mission is helping people in my community by providing guidance for life’s transformative journey.

  I assist with Spiritual Evolution, Self-mastery, Shadow Work, Self-Love, and Inner Child Healing.   


"Wow, thankyou so much Rachael, the meditation is wonderful, you came into my life at the perfect time. Love you so much! You are pure Magic, Perfect Frequency".
~ l..E. (Client)
"Rachael, I just heard your podcast, I finally understand how to connect the dots from my trauma, let the healing journey begin"
~ A.D (Podcast Subscriber)
"I'm at a loss for words, and I'm used to interviewing people for a living, that was like a therapy session. Thank you!"
~ K.W (Podcast Owner)
" Your energy is so beautiful. You said the exact things I needed to hear today. Thankyou for all the goosebumps and new thoughts"
~ R.H (Podcast Owner)

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Speaking Topics

Below is a sample of the available topics. 
Rachael will deliver much more than a "Ra-Ra" experience. 
Your attendees will gain useful tools and life-altering awarenesses they will never forget. 

How to use the Emotional Guidance System and Why

Our Emotional Guidance System is the most powerful tool for helping us to align with our Truth.
It creates provides clarity and guidance when we need it most. It gives the "bad" feelings a purpose and shows us the messages they are trying convey. However most people struggle to hear the messages clearly.  
When we were children, our parents, who were our first “gods” taught us their version of what is “right” and “wrong”. We were taught this not through the moments of praise and adoration, but through moments of fear, guilt and shame. Even though we came to this earth fully aware how amazing, whole and complete we are, in those moments, we still chose to abandon what we knew about ourselves to be true, and adopt what they said about us. If we didn’t, we were subject to more intense experiences of fear, guilt, or shame. So not only did we adopt their version of right and wrong, but we also adopted layers of fear guilt and shame associations regarding our power, our creativity, and authentic self-expression. They did their job perfectly. After years of abandoning ourselves, and our perfect, whole and complete knowingness, we endeavor on the journey home, back to our knowing, through the gentle nudges of the emotional guidance system.

Manifesting Made easy

Based on a principle I teach of BE-DO-HAVE.
Each state gets increasingly more dense.
We have to work where we have the most power to effect the most change with the least amount of effort. 
The Law of Attraction has people chasing the "Having" state, which results in repeated failures, disappointments,  and layers on self-judgement. 
Using this principle, anyone can change their future. 

Self-Worth vs Self Wealth

Coming from a financial services background, I integrate many of the concepts of Wealth into the idea of Self- Wealth,  and how this drastically differs from the confusing version of self-worth. Worth is a measurement, meaning its measured against another, but wealth does not require a standard to measure against, and with the right kinds of investments, it can and will grow exponentially.  

The secret source of Resistance and how to easily release it

Due to the indoctrination of the self-help industry, people have become obsessed with getting rid of, and letting go their "limiting" beliefs. They run from one guru, healer or modality to the next, looking for relief from their beliefs so they can finally have the life they desire.
What they don't realize is they are trying to run away from apart of themselves. The magic occurs when all the pieces of the puzzle are accepted and integrated.
This talks explains how upside down our thinking is, and how to stop chasing the next "shiny" object and realize you are the shiny object you are have been looking for. 

How to create with Parallel Realties

When I first discovered Parallel Realities, I dismissed it as a weird Quantum field topic. However, I since be shown a simplified way to explain this over-complicated concept so easily, my youngest children, now use this awareness as a way to set and achieve goals with consistent results. It simultaneously explains many hard to understand concepts such as Law of Attraction, "Limiting" Beliefs, and goal setting all in one choice. Leave behind all the confusing terms and technicalities, and enjoy a journey of self expression through this fun and enlightening talk.

How to Embrace Challenges and be excited when they show up

Challenges show up in our lives with a purpose, not just to help us to grow but to let us know we are on the right track. Most people try to avoid challenges and go into panic mode when they appear. This talk helps people to understand the purpose and their message.
By the end, the clients will no longer be dreading them, but will embrace the adventure, and realize they are like bacons of light from a lighthouse, guiding them home. 

My Story

I grew up on a farm with a single dad. I became the “mom” of the house by the age of 8: cooking, cleaning, driving machinery, looking after my brother and my dad. I was ultra-responsible. I learned how to be a great farmers wife except I was too stubborn, wild, free spirited for that, but I wanted to still impress him.  I enrolled in medical school so I could become an ER surgeon (AKA. no kids, work-aholic). 
The Universe works in crazy ways and I became pregnant with my son, and despite pressure from the other family to have an abortion, then give him up for adoption, I eventually made the choice, after 3 days in the hospital, to take my son home with me. This meant no Med. School. 2 years later, a not very happy story, brought me my beautiful daughter. I rocked the single mom life, I worked 2 or 3 jobs when I had to and worked my way up the corporate ladder, eventually landing a job as a president of a financial company, again a male dominated industry, still trying to impress my dad.

I worked 12-14 hours a day, had a nanny, a big house, a luxury vehicle, well above avg. income and then I discovered there was money embezzlement going on with a few of the other partners, they fired me when I started asking questions. For no reason, my health tanked, I was trapped inside a body that didn’t work. Organ by Organ, it was shutting down, and to make matters worse, I went through one of the worst shit storms, I have every heard of. 
All the money from my bank account was wrongly garnished without warning, I started dating someone who I thought I could trust, I got pregnant because he wanted another kid. While I was pregnant ASC announced I was under investigation for illegal activity of the financial firm I was previously employed by and would have to go to trial.
At the same time, a couple people I thought I should be able to trust, created a fabricated story with Social services, and my 2 kids, who I had been their sole provider were taken without warning. Still pregnant, the ASC trail happens and I had to come up with a fine for $75,000. My now ex, the father of my daughter who I was pregnant with, began becoming very emotionally and mentally controlling. Finally, I got my kids back after 6 months of investigations, they were emotionally distraught, and social services apologized and asked if we were going to sue them. I didn’t because I didn’t want to relive the nightmare.
Feeling like I was out of "fight", I felt like I had no options, so I stayed with my ex. for 10 years, had another baby with him, started a roofing company (another male dominated industry still to impress my dad) and tried to kill myself 3 times, because I hated who I was so much. I didn’t see the point in living if this is what it was about, constantly trying to impress and failing. I honestly believed someone could raise my kids better than I could. I felt like a train wreck on the inside, but man, did I put on a good show. I was the queen of wearing the mask to hide what was going on inside. I realized the only way to change the story was to change the main character, and so that’s what I did. I worked up the courage to ask for a separation from my ex, sold my shares in the roofing company, sold the house, took 6 weeks just to be a mom to my kids and go camping over the summer to reconnect with them and with who I had lost touch with in myself.

I made the healing and growing process my full time job for 3 solid years. Things really started to click when I realized that I was more than I was letting myself see and that all these things I was taught were important, was someone else’s map, but it wasn’t mine.
When I gave myself permission to be me, and to discover who I was, and to love the journey that brought me to this point, everything changed.

When I finally connected to the truth of who I am, I desired nothing, but to give everyone on this planet a taste of that place of serenity, and peace and genuine appreciation, just a sip, so they would be motivated to go find it for themselves.
So, you are in the right place. I have felt your pain, and in one way or another I have had your experience so that I can speak to you in a way that you can relate. I believe that is why my life got so messy.
I always tell my kids “the greater the challenge, the greater the calling” and my challenges were not only great, they came from every angle and they took away everything; my virginity, my dignity,  my health, my kids, my finances, and my façade, so I was down to just me. And from that place I learned to rebuild with integrity. This time, I got to choose the design. I didn’t have to follow someone else’s blueprint for the perfect life. I chose my own, and it is built on the foundation of the truth of who I am.
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