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4 steps to Release Emotional P.A.I.N

Emotions can be overwhelming. Use this course when you need to process deep, or tough emotions and experience the freedom.
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What's included?

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Why should I take this?

P.A.I.N is an acronym I created to help people process emotional triggers rather then suppress, or ignore them. Unprocessed emotions cause fatigue, headaches, emotional outbursts, and illnesses.

Its your journey

If you are the place on your journey where you are ready to learn a new way to process and release emotions rather than feel like they are drowning you, this is a quick and effective process to heal and transform.

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Rachael Poffenroth

Since 2007, I’ve been privileged to coach thousands of people, including visionaries, executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

My goal is to show every single one of my clients that they have the choice to live and lead with more ease, impact, joy, and freedom and stop going through life with a “have to” state of mind.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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