Full Immersion Expereince

21 Day Radical Self-Love Immersion 

Reconnect your Missing Pieces & your 5 forgotten Superpowers.
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What's Included?

The 21-Day Radical Self-Love Immersion Experience includes:

  Inner Child Healing
  Shadow Work
  Core Wound Healing
  Resistance Discovery
  Lots of High-Vibrational Support

Plus unlimited access to...

  6 Live Calls with Unlimited Replays
  Downloadable Homework PDF's for personal exploration and transformation
  Guided Mediations for Healing
  Guided Breathwork session for Releasing

and these bonuses: 

   Bonus: Subliminal Self-Love Audio to reprogram your self-love set point
   Bonus: Self-Love Bingo Game 

Self-Love Immersion Topics

Meet the instructor

Rachael Poffenroth

Since 2003, I’ve been privileged to coach hundreds of people, including visionaries, executives, entrepreneurs, and elite athletes

My Mission is to show every single community member that they have the choice to live a life of power, joy, and freedom and stop experiencing failure, struggle, suffering and pain.

In short, I help people Master the Human Experience by reconnecting to the Truth of who they really are.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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