Miracle Maker Membership 

Making the Impossible, Possible
 through Moonation®, Intuitive Art, Breathwork and Freedom Fasting ®.

You can’t quite explain it … but you can feel it

Sometimes, you swear you can even hear it, like an inner voice guiding you toward a decision,
choice or purpose you can’t quite make out clearly
You just need a little extra light to help guide the way.



As though someone else’s joy, pain or sadness activates your own. That “sensitivity” you’re feeling isn’t imaginary. In fact, it’s been there all along. And now, you’re finally waking up to the vibration of the true you.
The Divine you. These feelings are your ability to sense other energies, other dimensions and that means you are also able to sense your souls’ messages for you, with a little guidance inside the membership.


Do you feel there's more to life than the routine day to day hamster wheel you are on? Are your heart and soul calling you to embrace your spiritual gifts?Do you feel the inner urging, but you’re not sure where to turn, or what steps to take?

You know are here for more, and you just need the tools, clarity and confidence to take that next step.


Are you struggling to find the people who understand you? Does it feel like your values and priorities are different from those around you?  The spiritual path can feel like a solitary one. Not everyone close to you "gets it" You long to find a community who understands and can support you as you become aware and aligned with your spiritual being and gifts. A community of light-minded souls who make you feel like you belong and help you discover your innate purpose.  You are destined to enjoy the life you desire.  Your soul has all the wisdom you need to Anchor your Dreams to Earth, creating more ease, joy, and freedom. Are you ready to unlock your Divine Power, Intuitive Guidance and Release what is holding you back?

It's a community of like-minded Miracle Makers who have joined together to tune into the wisdom and guidance of their Soul so they can Powerfully create their future.
(Because your Soul knows the quickest path to your best life)

Design your Dream Life - 
Through Weekly Support and Guidance Calls;
Plus+ Special Intention-setting Live Creation Calls for the New Moon and powerful Full Moon Live Release calls through Freedom Fasting® and Somatic Breathwork.

As you Connect with the wisdom of your soul, you will see your life, situation or challenges from a different perspective. Every week, I use oracle cards to channel guidance from Bodhi, my spirit team. 
Through their messages, Bodhi helps you remove the barriers from your own inner-knowing, so you can see yourself and your path from a higher perspective, and confidently choose where to focus your energy.  
Using Intuitive Art/Writing to cultivate a strong channel so you can clearly hear and trust your inner voice moving forward.   
Bodhi and I are here to help you tune into your own inner wisdom, so you can take aligned actions.  Your actions and choices will be soul-aligned, and will lead you to the life your soul came here to live: one of playful joy and fulfilment.  
Magic and Miracles are waiting for you to unlock the storehouse.

Your Higher-Self already knows the path to joy, success and fulfilment.

  But there’s also a part of you that gets in the way of your best possible life -  you’re conditioning. It shows up as beliefs like ‘I'm not good enough', 'I don't know what's best for me; creating struggle, self-doubt and confusion.

We are here to help you peel back the layers that are holding you back from experiencing everyday Miracles.

What's Inside the Miracle Maker Membership?
As a member, you get access to:

Weekly Live Q&A Guidance Calls -
Weekly Tune-ups
These calls help set the tone for the week ahead. Bodhi shares with me where the biggest opportunities are to make the most positive impact towards living a life of ease, joy and flow along with questions and sometimes even Intuitive or Art prompts to help you connect with your own soul’s wisdom.

The guidance, questions and journal prompts are recorded in a video, which I share in the Facebook group and via email.
New Moon Intention Setting Creation Calls 
Every month, we set new moon intentions as one of our weekly calls. I will also share any messages with you Bodhi has given to me. By setting your Sankalpa during these Creation Calls the way I have been instructed to share with you, you will change the trajectory of your whole month.
Rather than aligning to the worlds perspectives and plans for you, you will access higher wisdom which will empower you to know how to confidently take aligned actions and plant seeds for your miracle garden to flourish. 
Using Intuitive Art and Writing Techniques in these sessions, we will uncover what your subconscious wants you to know.
Full Moon Freedom
Fasting® and
Breathwork Sessions
Full moons are amazing for illuminating what is holding you back from experiencing your intended Monthly Miracle.
This is an opportunity to discover how it’s been influencing the decisions you make and actions you take, as you connect with your own power, guidance and magic. As a certified Medical Intuitive, I can verify stored emotions reek havoc on your body causing pain, illnesses, and diseases as well mental and emotional blocks. I have been guided to offer these monthly Freedom Fasting® Sessions to help you release the energetic gunk that is manifesting in the physical body through a mild regenerative cleanse and short fast, while also moving "stuck" energy through powerful Somatic Breathwork. This experience is a game-changer.
 You can’t move forward when you have baggage weighing you down. Release your “Stuck” points and get back in Flow.
Private Facebook Community - 
You Belong Here
Unlimited opportunities to receive support, feedback, clarity, guidance from me and your fellow Miracle Makers. Use this community space to share your reflections on the weekly and monthly messages and the impact it’s having on your life, and to ask questions on how the guidance applies to your specific life/situation.
I love checking in to see how your monthly journeys are going and to answer your questions.  But what I love the most is when members share their insights - it may be just what someone else needs to hear.

  Together we Grow, Together we Evolve and Together we Create the Life we Desire.


  YES!! If you have a strong desire to connect to your Soul’s wisdom
  YES!! If you are Ready to Live BEYOND your Thinking Brain and Doing Body 
 YES!! If you desire to live with more Ease, Fun and Freedom.  

The Monthly and Weekly guidance reconnects you to your own Knowledge, Power and Magic, and from there you will be Confidently Inspired to take Aligned Actions that make Powerfully Positive Changes in your life.  

Hello, I'm Rachael Poffenroth

As your intuitive soul guide, I’m here to help you awaken to your Divine Inner Spark by connecting with your Souls Guidance--and introduce you to a community of healers, lightworkers and empaths who ready to experience powerful, transformations, like you.
Through my popular weekly YouTube video series', Instagram lives, and magazine articles, I’ve helped thousands of people like you access their intuitive abilities, discover new ways to release old wounds that stand in the way of their best life, and connect to their soul’s purpose over the last 15 years.

I will support and guide you to:
  • Discover your intuitive connection while building confidence in your abilities.
  • Realize and fulfill your life purpose and offer support as you grow into your calling as a lightworker.
  • Raise your vibes, access higher dimensions of energy and channel fierce love, pure light, and your Divine power for the benefit of yourself and others.
  • Confidently share your inspiration and wisdom, authentically and with integrity.
  • Forge a stronger connection with your guidance team and angels so that communication is easy, effortless, and more natural.

  This membership was created to Help your Access your Highest Potential, by reconnecting you with the knowledge, power and magic you already have within.
 As an over-achiever and recovering workaholic, it was hard for me to accept that creating the life I want didn’t require struggle or sacrifice. The spirit guide team I work with (Bodhi) has shown me that creating a life of ease and flow is a born out of energetic alignment, and that it doesn't require as much hard work as I thought.

Its not about DOING more, but about BEING in a different energetic space, which is what your Soul has been beckoning you to do.

The monthly and weekly messages you'll get in Miracle Maker Membership will help you better tune into that Soul wisdom so you can experience your hearts desires, enjoy your Soul’s guidance, and live life with ease, joy and flow. These messages have guided me towards a life beyond my dreams – a life I am thrilled to wake up to everyday! I now literally live in joy and flow. So, if I seem super excited to share Bodhi's guidance with you, it's because I am!  

I KNOW it works. I've used it for years and it helped me create more amazing experiences than I could have imagined possible.
I'm now using it to create my next level of self-expression, and can't wait for you to join me!

Ready to follow your Souls Guidance?
The Miracle Maker Membership is a commitment to yourself, your personal growth, and your dreams. When you join us, you are gifting yourself the time & space to step into your highest potential.





    • An amazing community of light-minded fellow travellers ·        
    • Past weekly sessions ·        
    •  Past full moon and new Moon Sessions ·        
    • Weekly Live Sessions ·        
    • Quick Start tips to prep for Full Moon
    • Freedom Fasting® (pdf) ·       
    • New Moon Sankalpa Intention
    • Setting Sessions and Mind Journey ·      
    • Full Moon Freedom Fasting® and Breathwork Sessions



$134  Savings

    •  An amazing community of light-minded fellow travelers
    •  Past weekly sessions
    • Past full moon and new Moon Sessions
    • Weekly Live Sessions
    • Quick Start tips to prep for Full Moon Freedom Fasting® (pdf)
    • New Moon Sankalpa Intention Setting Sessions and Mind Journey
    • Full Moon Freedom Fasting® and Breathwork Sessions
    • BONUS- Special Intuitive Message for you on your Birthday
    • Discounts on other courses
    • Free Access to 7-part Inner Child Course


  • If you've been Feeling Alone on your spiritual journey and you're seeking connection with others just like you,
  • If you have been searching for a way to embrace your spirituality and awaken your spiritual gifts, but you haven't found a place where you can meet and Connect with a Tribe that you can vibe with
  •  If you are ready to Connect to your Heart’s Desires  
  •  If you are wanting to Hear to your Souls Intuitive Guidance
  •  If you are Ready to Release what has been holding you back physically and energetically
  • If you are Ready to Transform your Life


Frequently asked questions

I'm a newbie I don’t know anything about intuition, psychic or spiritual development?

That’s OK. No previous experience required. I'm here to gently guide and remind you of all those things that right now seem beyond your understanding and yet within your being they're so familiar. Plus you will join an amazing group of love-focused souls who come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences ready to nurture and support you.

Will this help me manifest the life of my dreams and reach my goals faster?

Its possible, however, often what we think we want and what is right for us may not be the same thing. What we think we want often comes from the 'conditioned' space. It could be something we’ve been programmed to want, or that it will prove something, or help us to fit in better. Your Heart Desires what is truly right for you. But sometimes we can’t see that because it’s crowded out by the ‘conditioning’. The Miracle Maker Membership will help you: • Know the difference between what you think you want and what your soul knows you are ready to experience • Deliver what your heart is desiring much faster • Help you to release what has been holding you back

Who Is Bodhi?

Bodhi is the spirit guide team I work with. Their mission is to help you to access your innate magic and power. Their guidance always aims to bring you back into soul alignment so that you're in the best possible position to create your dream life.

Are the messages personal to me or general?

They are the same for everyone, even me! However, they do come with prompts and guidance that will help you apply the message to your particular situation. In addition, you can ask questions and share your experiences in the supportive Facebook community

If I sign up for monthly membership and love it, can I upgrade to annual?

Absolutely, just send us an email and we will set up the upgrade for you. 

What happens after I sign up?

You’ll receive a confirmation email with your Miracle Membership log-in page link and password. You’ll also receive a “Welcome” email from Rachael with your Quick Start Guide. Every Month the dates and times will be posted so you can attend the live sessions in the Facebook group and participate in the New Moon Sankalpa Intention Setting Sessions as well as the Full Moon Freedom Fasting® and Breathwork Sessions.   We're waiting to welcome you into our community.

YES! I'm Ready to Connect with People Like Me and Let Go of what is Holding me Back!

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$134  Savings
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BONUS * Yearly Personal BIRTHDAY Message from Rachael

Inner Child 7-session Healing Program

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